CAS No. 215527-70-1

Phenyl Boronic Acid-d5

Phenyl Boronic acid-d5 is a colorless crystalline solid with the formula C6D5B(OH)2. The compound is a versatile reagent used in various chemical applications.Organic Synthesis: is a widely used a reagent for forming carbon-carbon bonds, specifically in the Suzuki coupling reaction.NMR Spectroscopy: is used a reference standard in NMR spectroscopy.Bioconjugation: can be used to label or modify biomolecules, such as proteins and nucleic acids.Polymer chemistry: can be used as a monomer or cross-linker in the synthesis of polymer materials.Zeochem is offering high purity Phenyl-d5 boronic acid in small packs up to bulk quantities.

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Phenylboronic Acid d5

Product Details

Phenyl-d5-boronic acid; (Pentadeuterophenyl)boronic acid

Phenyl Boronic Acid-d5 98%D

Material NumberPack SizePackaging TypeZEOtope Standard Range
301732on demandon demand
Test MethodUnit of MeasureMinimumMaximumTarget
Vis. lnsp. (white to ivory-colored)ivory
Vis. lnsp. (solid, 25°C)solid
D Content 1H-NMR%(mol)98.0

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