CAS No. 22739-76-0


2-Propanol-d8, also known as Isopropanol-d8, is the fully deuterated form of isopropanol. Isopropanol-d8 is compatible with a wide range of organic and organometallic compounds, making it suitable for various types of NMR studies, including those involving natural products, synthetic molecules, and biomolecules. It is environmentally friendly and less toxic than other common NMR solvents such as Methanol-d4 or Chloroform-d. 2-Propanol-d8 is available in a high purity quality with an enrichment grade of more than 99.5 atom%D, making it an ideal solvent for many NMR applications. In addition, it can be used as a reference standard in various chemical analysis techniques, such as GC- or LC-mass spectrometry, to aid in identifying and quantifying substances. Zeochem is offering 2-Propanol-d8  99.5 atom%D in small packs up to bulk quantities.

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2 Propanol d8

Product Details

Isopropanol-d8; Octadeuteroisopropanol

2-Propanol-d8 99.5%D

Material NumberPack SizePackaging TypeZEOtope Standard Range
301506on demandon demand
Test MethodUnit of MeasureMinimumMaximumTarget
Vis. lnsp. (colorless)colorless
Vis. lnsp. (liquid, 25°C)liquid
D Content 1H-NMR%(mol)99.5
1H-NMR Purityconform
H2O+D2O Content by KF Coulometer%(w)0.050
GC Content%(w)99

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