Markets & Applications

Pharmaceuticals (Pharma)

ZEOtope products are used in the industrial synthesis of Deuterium Labeled Pharmaceutical Ingredients. This relatively new class of pharmaceutical ingredients exhibit an improved metabolic profile, higher oral bioavailability and lower dosages compared to conventional drugs.

Electronics (OLED)

ZEOtope products are used in a broad range of Electronic applications. These products are the preferred source of deuterium for the stabilization of organic molecules employed in the next generation of OLED-screens, manufacturing processes of semiconductors, microchips and optical fibers.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)

ZEOtope products can be used in a broad range of NMR solvents and deuterium labeled products for routine analytics and research & development. The ZEOtope product range covers the daily requirements of NMR end-users and researchers.