17 – 20. September 2023 | Baveno, Italy
This year’s Small Molecule NMR Conference takes place in Italy. In cooperation with our German distributor Spintec-Rototec GmbH we are present with a booth in Baveno. ZEOCHEM will be represented by Adrian Geiger.

GDCh NMR Meeting

18 – 21. September 2023 | Konstanz, Germany
In cooperation with Rototec-Spintec GmbH, we are present at the FGMR Annual Discussion Meeting 2023 at the beautiful Lake Constance. ZEOCHEM will be represented by Michael Jeitziner

ILMAC 2023

26 – 28. September 2023 | Basel, Switzerland
Our Swiss distribution partner Thommen-Furler AG presents our product portfolio at the booth C206. Please get in direct contact with Dr. Peter Gautschi for questions about NMR-Solvents (ZEOtope), Deuterium Labeled Compunds and NMR-Tubes (ZEOtube).